Of all of the female vocalists to perform in the Black Country Music Showcase, one stood out in my mind. Anyone can sing a country song, but the very first time I heard Valierie Ellis Hawkins, I knew that she was what I was taking a stand for in the country music scene.

A walking pure country arsenal as lethal as any female I had ever heard, Valierie proved to me that she wasn’t merely singing a country song.

She was country personified! Her love for the traditionalists was so pronounced that I thought that keeping Valierie undiscovered would be a disservice to the world. Kudos to her latest effort “Colorblind.”

A precious diamond in the rough. - Frankie Staton

COUNTRY MUSIC - It’s a very troubling thought to me that in this day and time, I no longer see that genre as either! No tradition, no treble, no twang, no twin fiddles, no 10-string, crying steel guitar, and barely any singers that are truly unique stylists. Seemingly gone are those who understand the power of real Country and Bluegrass music. This applied especially to the younger audiences of listeners and buyers of music. Although few and far between in Nashville, there are some entertainers who honor the music from the golden age of pure Country. They “get” the realism of the songs that continue to keep the heritage alive.

Valierie Ellis Hawkins is one such singer who is Country Music and herself for a living. She doesn’t go for the slamming drum loops, snap tracks, clap tracks, endless loops, and gimmick-filled fakery just to sell a song. Her angelic voice, brilliant smile, a witty grand personality, with class and grace are small parts of the magic recipe that draws you to her music.

Valierie’s music is captivating and beautiful to listen to.  Reminding me of my all-time favorites who told stories with their music like Merle Haggard and Don Williams. 
~ Marion Miller, Fan
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